Giant Fungating Cutaneous Myxoma of the Head and Neck: An Unusual Presentation

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Aliyu Daniel
K. R. Iseh
J. H. Solomon
Olawole W. Olalekan
Braimah R. Oyebunmi
Ibikunle A. Aremu
Taiwo A. Olanrewaju
Sahabi S. Mallami
Adeyeye M. Folusho
Nazish P. Aquil
S. B. Amutta
M. Abdullahi
Okoro C. Joshua


Introduction: Virchow first describes Myxomas in 1871; they are benign tumors of primitive indifferent mesenchyme that have preference for the cardiac muscles, genitourinary tract, gastrointestinal tract, liver and spleen. The rarity of the tumor, especially in the head and neck region makes us to report this case.

Case Report: A 16-year-old male secondary student who presented with a 9-year history of painless progressive submandibular swelling, no extension to the mouth. Examination revealed a huge fungating submandibular mass, 20 cm x 16 cm x10 cm in dimension, mobile, non-tender and firm in consistency. Other findings were unremarkable, and routine hematological and biochemical tests were all within normal limits. He subsequently had excision of the mass (weighs 950 g) under general anesthesia via an elective tracheostomy with split thickness skin grafting of the exposed strap muscles. Histopathological report revealed cutaneous myxoma.

Conclusion: Cutaneous myxoma of the Head and Neck region is presented for its rarity, and although is a histologically benign neoplasm, treatment is extremely challenging with high incidence of recurrence.

Cutaneous myxoma, head and neck, benign, submandibular

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Daniel, A., Iseh, K. R., Solomon, J. H., Olalekan, O. W., Oyebunmi, B. R., Aremu, I. A., Olanrewaju, T. A., Mallami, S. S., Folusho, A. M., Aquil, N. P., Amutta, S. B., Abdullahi, M., & Joshua, O. C. (2019). Giant Fungating Cutaneous Myxoma of the Head and Neck: An Unusual Presentation. Journal of Cancer and Tumor International, 9(4), 1-5.
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