Evolutionary Basis of Cancer Metastasis and Its Implication to a Lasting Cure

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Emmanuel O. Adesuyi
Doubra A. Obaila
Mojisola A. Aladeyelu


This review is intended to take us through a journey on how cancer had been treated and highlight the paradigm shift in understanding its treatment since adoption of evolution concept and hope to point to a possible future breakthrough in cancer management. Researchers estimate there will be 26 million or more new cases a year by 2030, and some 17 million cancer deaths yearly. The US president in 1971 Richard Nixon proposed the war on cancer in a bid to find lasting cure to cancer in the space of 25 years. An evaluation was carried out after 25 years, which, showed that although there had been major breakthrough in the battle against cancer yet the war continues and we are not yet close to a definite victory with local invasion, and distant metastasis that is resistant to conventional therapy being the major causes of death. This attitude of cancer cells had been more understood in the light of ecology and evolution in recent years as the Darwinian theory of evolution by natural selection now becomes a theoretical framework for the study of cancer behaviour. However, the implication of this eye opener to the cure of cancer had to be more highlighted if the moon shot war against cancer as declared by President Obama in 2016 would be successful. Early diagnosis taking into cognizance polyploidy parameters, more specific choice and scheduling of cancer treatment; selective toxicity, Inhibiting other chemicals or factors that initiate and sustains angiogenesis in cancer cells (tumour or human specific), supporting the immune system, boosting normal cell fitness and Restoring a more normal ecological niche may be the answer we have long sorted for as we strive to find a lasting cure to cancer.


Oncology, cancer, metastasis, evolution, ecology, cancer cure, carcinogenesis, moon shot, cancer management

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O. Adesuyi, E., A. Obaila, D., & A. Aladeyelu, M. (2016). Evolutionary Basis of Cancer Metastasis and Its Implication to a Lasting Cure. Journal of Cancer and Tumor International, 4(4), 1-16. https://doi.org/10.9734/JCTI/2016/27710
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