Histo-Epidemiology of Kidney Cancer in Cameroon: About 110 Cases

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Jean Paul Ndamba Engbang
Beyeme Sala
Celestin Fonkwa
Yoan Ligan
Bruno Djougmo Djimeli
Godefroy Simo
André Moune
Amadou Fewou
Jean Louis Oyono Essame
Alan Hasigov
Aleksandre Ephiev


Objectives: To describe the epidemiological and histopathological aspects of kidney cancer in Cameroon.

Materials and Methods: This was a descriptive retrospective study on malignant tumors of the kidney examined in the anatomical pathology laboratories of five regions (Center, Littoral, West, South-west and North-west), over a period of 12 years (2004-2015). The studied parameters were: frequency, age, sex, histological type.

Results: A total of 110 cases of kidney cancer were collected, representing 8.55% of malignant urogenital tumors. The mean age of patients was 28.72±24.79 years (extremes: 4 months - 76 years). Females are relatively more affected than males (56 cases, 50.91%), with female-to-male ratio of 1.04:1. A total of 58 (52.73%) cases of renal cell carcinomas (RCC), 46 (41.82%) cases of nephroblastomas (NB) and 3 (2.73%) of soft tissue tumors were identified.

Conclusion: Kidney cancer is the third urogenital cancer in Cameroon characterized by a relative female predominance with renal cell carcinoma as the predominant histological type.


Cancer, kidney, epidemiology, histopathology, Cameroon

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Paul Ndamba Engbang, J., Sala, B., Fonkwa, C., Ligan, Y., Djougmo Djimeli, B., Simo, G., Moune, A., Fewou, A., Louis Oyono Essame, J., Hasigov, A., & Ephiev, A. (2016). Histo-Epidemiology of Kidney Cancer in Cameroon: About 110 Cases. Journal of Cancer and Tumor International, 5(1), 1-10. https://doi.org/10.9734/JCTI/2017/30063
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