Gastric Cancer in Cameroon: Epidemiological Profile and Histopathological Appearance of 574 Cases

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Jean Paul Ndamba Engbang
Adrien Paul Atangna
Servais Eloumou
Alan Hasigov
Charles Battoka Ekom
Bruno Djimeli Djougmo
Roger Gilbert Ateba
Godefroy Simo
André Moune
Zacharie Sando
Dominique Noah Noah
Dieudonné Adiogo


Objective: To describe the epidemiological and histopathological aspects of stomach cancer in Cameroon.

Materials and Methods: This was a retrospective, descriptive study of histologically confirmed stomach cancers recruited from histopathology laboratories in Cameroon spread over a period of 13 years (2004-2016). The variables studied were: the frequency, age, gender, risk factors, location and histopathologic type.

Results: At the end of our study, 574 cancers of the stomach were recorded. Men were predominantly affected with 312 cases (54.36%), the sex ratio of men to 1.19. The mean age of onset was 52.95 +/- 16.27 years for all sexes, with extremes ranging from 20 months to 92 years. Patients aged between 50 and 59 years were the predominant age group (24.39%) compared to the other groups. Traders and retirees represented the most affected groups with 20.97% and 14.52% respectively. The main risk factors were: chronic Helicobacter gastritis Pylori 59.73%, chronic smoking 16.11% and chronic alcoholism in 7.12%. Upper digestive endoscopy with biopsy and histological examination was the main means of assertion, 84.18%. The antral location was the most represented with 52.67%. Adenocarcinoma was the most frequent histological type with 419 cases (72.99).

Conclusion: Gastric cancer is the first malignant tumor of the digestive tract in Cameroon. Its annual frequency increases since 2009. The mean age of onset is 52.95 years with a male predominance. Chronic gastritis with Helicobacter pylori is the main risk factor. The most common histological type is adenocarcinoma.


Gastric cancer, epidemiology, histopathology, Cameroon

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Paul Ndamba Engbang, J., Paul Atangna, A., Eloumou, S., Hasigov, A., Battoka Ekom, C., Djimeli Djougmo, B., Gilbert Ateba, R., Simo, G., Moune, A., Sando, Z., Noah Noah, D., & Adiogo, D. (2018). Gastric Cancer in Cameroon: Epidemiological Profile and Histopathological Appearance of 574 Cases. Journal of Cancer and Tumor International, 6(4), 1-15.
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